Compatible cartridge for printer Hp 300 XL Color

Compatible cartridge for printer Hp 300 XL Color

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Compatible Color Inkjet Cartridge for Printers: HP DESKJET F2420, F2480, F2488, F2492, F4200, F4210, F4272, F4273, F4274, D1660, D1663, D2500, D2530, D2560, D2563, D2600, D2660, D5500, D5560, D5563, F4280, F4283, F4292, F4293, F4294, F4400, F4480, F4580, F4583, Photosmart C4670, C4680, C4685, C4690, C4700, C478047, C479985, Cvy 100-D410a, b, 110-D411a, c, d, 114-D411a, c, 120

Color: Colors
N . copies or Format: 21ml
ATTENTION: This is a non-original product.

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ATTENTION: This is a non-original product.

To avoid recognition it is recommended not to use different brands of cartridges at the same time. It may happen that, by installing different cartridges, the printer locks up due to the lack of recognition of the chip, compromising the functioning of the cartridges and the printer itself.

After the installation, by law each printer recognizes the cartridges as non-original, in some models it is necessary to confirm, only once after inserting them, to accept and proceed with printing from the computer or from the printer itself if equipped with a display.

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