In case of defective material, the replacement can only take place after the request for authorization to return, by filling in the RMA form available HERE (authorization for the return of material defective).

1. Fill in the RMA form for the return authorization request;

2. Fill out the form in its entirety, describing in detail the problem encountered and, in the case of printing defects, attach the print proof which certifies the defect.

3. All warranty returns must be in their original packaging and box, mandatory condition to acknowledge the guarantee.

4. Not covered by the warranty cartridges and toners that are used over 30%, in case of problems we recommend to replace the products to its customers as soon as possible in order to avoid the non-recognition of the guarantee.

5. In the event that the items shipped are not purchased by FRAMATEK, an image of the product will be sent and the product will be refused, we are not obliged to return the goods to the sender.

6. Also attach 2/3 photos of the products in which the identification labels and any defects are clearly visible.

7. Upon receipt of the form, FRAMATEK will contact the Customer in case of need to obtain more information on the problem encountered and suggest possible solutions to the problem.

8. In the event of an actual construction defect, FRAMATEK will assign an RMA file number which will be promptly reported to the Customer.

9. Once the RMA file number has been generated, the customer will send the defective goods accompanied by a transport document at his own expense.

10. Carefully prepare a package containing the defective products, taking great care to indicate on the top of the package the assigned RMA number and the following address:

FRAMATEK Via Sabella, 11 - 92028 Naro (AG) < / em>

11. Shipments without the reference of our RMA authorization and without the original external packaging will not be accepted.

It is essential to check the product carefully before returning it, pay attention to our identification labels, which must be present, if in doubt do not hesitate to contact us at + 39 392 4141 215, we will help you to identify the product;

12. Upon arrival, the material will be checked in our technical laboratory to find the actual defect;

13. Once the defect has been verified, FRAMATEK will send the replacement material in the event that the defect falls within the warranty terms. If for any reason, FRAMATEK is unable to return a product under warranty to its customer, it will refund the entire amount spent. No damage can be claimed from FRAMATEK for any delays in making replacements or refunds.

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